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It's time to answer the age old question... Does pineapple belong on pizza? Actually, it belongs on all pizza! Grab your pineapple gun and make sure no pizza leaves the shop without that sweet yellow magic. 

Get ready to see pizza's in a whole new way in Virtual Reality. Put on your Rift or Vive, and buckle up for the cheesiest game we've made yet. The controls are simple, grip button to grab, trigger to shoot. If you throw your pineapple gun away in excitement, it will be returned upon pressing the blue button in front of you. You can either start or exit the game by shooting at the appropriate buttons. 


Ørjan Lopez - Programming

Megan McCurdy - Art

Made for the Pizza jam, all assets expect for the music was made by us during the 2 day jam period!


PineappleBelongsonALLPizzaVR.zip 102 MB

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