A downloadable game for Windows

Game Jam Submission made in 4 days.

Protect your garden from the dreaded trolls, who are determined to destroy your beautiful gardening project. Whether your flower gets to grow up or not comes down to how well you use your tools, and your raw gun skills. Squirt gun skills that is. 

Your flower grows every time you shoot down a troll, and your flower will reach it's maximum growth as you finish the last one. Your flower can also take damage, but worry not. You can easily heal it by squirting it with some water.

Use your decoy flowers to trick the dumb trolls (yes, they are dumb that's how i justify the bad ai). Or use the sprinkler, which will both stop the trolls momentarily, as well as damage them. But if sitting back and relaxing is more your style, set up a turret and watch it go to town on your foes. 

Remember to check by the tool shed, as there might be a cool extra weapon hanging around. 

Note: Placing tools really close to the fence entrances kinda messes up the AI. So for your enjoyment of the game, please try to avoid that. Also there's no blocking volume, so have fun finding cool ways to glitch out of the level. It's relatively easy. 


WASD to Move

Space to Jump

to reload

Left Click to Shoot

1, 2, 3 to Select tool, and then left click to place them

E to Interact

ESC to Exit


Ørjan: Programmer & Generalist

Megan: 3D Artist & Animator

Nom: Animator

Maemi: Music Producer

All assets including music were made during the game jam period. 


FlowerDefence_64.zip 116 MB

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