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that penguin is adorable 

This was so darn cute! 

that was fun and relaxing, well done!


This game was so sweet and moving! ;u;

This game was sooo adorable !! The voice acting was perfect and the story just adds to everything. A very feel good game for the season :)

Was super adorable and cute! A vert warm story in a cold time! Loved the little penguin and all the characters!


Absolutely adored this game! Its beautiful, amazing narration, and atmosphere was just adorable :) Merry Christmas!

I think this was a really cute friendly story it felt so Disney but yet Winnie the Pooh as well it was just so cute I loved it thank you so much for making this

Very well made game devs well done!!! really enjoyed this game from start to finish. would highly recommend to anyone looking for a cute Christmas game to play. thank you :)

Omg I Love This It Was So Coot And The Ending Made Me Feel So Warm Inside🥹

I am lovingly awaiting another game next year. There is nothing about this game not to love; the narration, the art work, the fonts and various assets throughout. The soft snow movement is so lovely, I want to make snowmen and roll around. I love this little penguin!

Very cute ^.^ 

i like to make a trailer

Дуже Мила і затишна гра, я чудово провів час, дякую

 o((>ω< ))o

This was a really good, cozy game! Made me feel all good inside when the penguin got back home! Loved the experience this put me through. Also, voice acting was pretty good! Good Game! 

this was a really good and cute game keep up the good work i hope you enjoy the gameplay


Amazing little game really cozy way better made then i thought 9/10 from me cant wait to see what you do next! ~Wang



I fell in love with this game. It's such a great christmas game and sooooooo cute. 


I wish for christmas I could donate something for this creation. It really made my day, such a wonderful experience :D


Hey, just wanted to know about how long this game is?


what an amazing game! Thank you so much for this. I feel in the christmas spirit already ! <3


played this on a 3 random games, don't even care its august, i loved it!

Thanks for playing <3


I lost my grandmother lately and got lost like this penguin and now I feel better after playing this game. Thank you so muchXD

LOVED THIS GAME SO MUCH. very very cute and wholesome :) here's my gameplay! 

Very cute, loved it a lot! The story and visuals were beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Loved It.

Instantly Became my favorite Christmas game.
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Aboslutely adorable... Loved every second x 

The first christmas game i played this year (sadly) and it was pretty relaxing. awesome game!

beautiful game for this weather

This was the cutest Penguin Christmas Game i have ever played 🥰 and the only Penguin Christmas Game 😂 perfect for my 5 days after christmas special!

Aww this game gave me all the feels of a hallmark moment, it was perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit! Loved it! Here is my video of it, please enjoy :)

very cute and cozy game! also i am sorry but i had to... whoops

I had a good time with this game! The narration of the story was really good and the characters in it were also cool as well! Luckily we made it back home so that's a plus!!  Keep up the good work!!! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here!

Super cute Christmas game! Adorable art style and great voice acting

Played this game once before last year and played it again this year. I really love this game. It's such a cute and well made story that really makes you feel like you are inside of a great Christmas book that is being told to someone all snug in their bed. The only thing I would say that I felt was missing that I wish they had were subtitles. I had to add my own in this video but other than that it was great! :)


So absolutely beautiful and delightful!

amazing game perfect for the holidays

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