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A cute and cozy adventure game about a lost penguin who can't find their way home for Christmas. Along the way, the penguin meets a cast of charming characters that provide help. 

  • Fully voice acted story narrated like a traditional Christmas story.
  • A family friendly game to get you in the Christmas spirit.
  • Seamless soundtrack that changes and evolves throughout the game.
  • Atmospheric and beautiful environments.
  • A fun and quirky cast of characters.

We wanted to make something special to warm the hearts of our friends and family, with the added benefit of possibly being able to make a difference and donating to a cause that we believe in. That cause is No Kid Hungry. No Kid Hungry is a national campaign run by Share Our Strength, a nonprofit working to solve problems of hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world.

During the donation period we were able to raise $530 for charity! 馃挍 Thank you all so much for donating and making this possible! 

Donations to No Kid Hungry are now closed. Any and all donations now go to directly supporting the development of our next game.

For more information on No Kid Hungry and to donate directly go here: https://www.nokidhungry.org/

脴rjan Lopez @orjan
3D Artist, Programmer, Game Design, Animator, Technical Artist

Adam Bow @adambowmusic
Composer and Sound Designer

Megan McCurdy @megcurdy 
Concept Artist, 3D Artist, Animator

Chris Schweizer @schweizercomics
Narrator and Writer

Happy Holidays from us!! Thank you for playing! 馃挍


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Graphics ? Story ? Voice acting ? Cute Christmas Animations ? One word... Superb.

Loved this. Well done to all involved !


We recently wrapped up our first holiday video with this game and we both loved it. It was the perfect game for those heartwarming holiday vibes! Our gameplay of it starts around 23 minutes in :)

Loved watching you guys play our game! Thank you for all the kind words!!


Short little Christmas game that's easy to play and so so cute :)


Such a lovely experience that gets me in the holiday spirit every time I play it


It's really good, a nice change from the usual games. The voice-over reminded me of a Christmas cartoon I watched as a child, and the story made me want to play more.


We thought your game was absolutely adorable. I cried. Thank you for making it :)


Short game made with incredibly high quality, very cute!


This was a lovely game to play over the xmas period!


This was perfect for the Christmas season and I'm so happy I played this game. It was very cute and really well made. Great job to everyone involved in this development process, and thank you. I had a lot of fun playing. Game starts at 18:57.


Such a cute and perfect game to upload for Christmas! This was done really well and surprised me quite a bit, loved it!


Loved your game! It was so fun and cute, The story was great and i think it was all done really well. I had an amazing time playing it!


First of all, I absolutely love penguins so to have a Christmas game focusing on a baby penguin was amazing. Second of all, this was one of the best Christmas games that I've experienced in a long time; great music, narration, and graphics. Thank you so much for making this game! Happy holidays! 馃惂

is there a way to claim the game? i can't download it at the moment



This was a very cute Christmas game, I enjoyed playing it. It's short and sweet, the narrator did a great job, made me feel like I was watching an old christmas show. 馃槉
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Such a cute story, it was so heart warming. 100% would recommend playing! <3

anyone know what narrator saying?

my home language is not english so

can anyone put what narrtor saying?

 P.S. The game is really really cute ever i played


This was absolutely amazing! Sweet and heartwarming. Definetly something needed this year <3

11/10 video!


A heart warming game that lasts around 10 minutes.


Such a heart warming little game, kudo's for the perfect storytelling in poem mode. This game breathes "Christmas"!

What a lovely video, definitely brought a smile to my face :)

Could you explain how you did the snow effect on the ground? Are you using Unity? Thanks! Lovely effect!

Hey Retro! The game was made in UE4. The snow deformation was made using a scene capture and render targets. Here's a great article by Tommy Tran that'll get you started: https://www.raywenderlich.com/5760-creating-snow-trails-in-unreal-engine-4


The most wholesome game I've ever played.

Thank you so much for making it!


A beautiful game. The narration is amazing.


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


1. This game is so very cute! Adorable! The environment, the story, and the animations are just so well done and so wholesome! Really enjoyed playing the game.

2. Everything rhymes! And the voice is soothing. I absolutely loved listening to the story!


1. It would be cool id the snowman could get mad if the penguin would mess up their face! Maybe it would be so cool if the game would have an alternative path for being a "bad penguin". Though, I understand that it would require a lot more work. Still, I'm pretty sure the game would turn out to be great!


The cutest game I played in a long time, great job! Keep up the amazing work))

Hope my feedback was useful!


an absolutely wonderful little game!!! loved it so much I don't even know what to begin with. the whole setting - the cute baby penguin, the lighting, the snow and the fact we leave traces in it (I drew a dick when I discovered it. was super happy. isn't there a theory that if a player finds out they're able to draw, they'll instantly draw a dick?)... everything is heartwarming. but what got to me the most was the narration. it felt like i was inside of a bedtime fairytale my mom used to read to me when I was a kid. thank you for making such a sweet game.

there are just two issues I would like to highlight: I have a pretty powerful PC, not super high-end but okay for high settings in many games (16 gb ram, intel core i7, and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4096 mb memory). i was surprised when I saw FPS dropping. it went higher at some point, but the playing process didn't feel smooth. and it made my laptop to warm up to... i didn't measure how much, but hey, not every demanding AAA title makes it this hot. 

the other issue is that the narrator's voice at some points was drowning (a bit) in music. must be something with mixing, i guess? I am not a native English speaker, and I guess it wouldn't be hard for a native to retrieve some words lost in music, but to me it was something of an additional, though in no way exhausting, challenge. it didn't spoil my overall impression.

i did the same.

I get this weird bug where the camera hovers over the book without the start and exit buttons. Is there a fix?


This reminded me of the 1960s xmas cartoons (Rudolph and Frost) where they open a book to tell a story with animations. Absolutely loved it. Some of the best voice acting I've heard on Itch. Such a great short game. Great short story, great classic art style and again the voice acting can't express that enough. definitely gained a follower.

I gave it a go :) 


Sorry you encountered the bug where the logo doesn't fully disappear. Just uploaded a new build where that no longer should be an issue. Thanks for playing the game!


Heyo! I have a YouTube series where I play multiple itch.io games in one video and this was the last one on my list in todays video! This game was SO CUTE I literally couldn't make myself edit any of it out at all! I just let it play through because it was an adorable experience and I just gotta say awesome job! The narrating and story was perfect!


What a lovely video, Tippydaug! We loved it!


Thank you! Your game was by far my favorite of the three, it was just so cute and calm and somehow felt nostalgic all at the same time!

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this is the cutest little game ever it brought so much joy i enjoed it so much i loved everything about it i couldnt stop giggling and smiling

Thank you so much!!


yall did a fantstisc job this vary cute and vary good i enjoyed it vary good 10/10 for me

btw if anyone wanna join the speedrun discord, press this link: https://discord.gg/q5mfuWav maybe the devs can join :)



Can you try to make it for MacOs?

We tried to make a build for Mac yesterday, unfortunately couldn't get it to work. Hopefully it's something we can get working soon.


An awesome cozy, cute and a short game.
Here is my speedrun of it: (98) Back Home for Christmas Any% speedrun (10:21.39) - YouTube

Thank you, congrats on the WR!

Thank you, Merry (quite late) Christmas


Great work feliz navidad, i loved the game

mi video en espa帽ol xd


Hiii, I've made a video about the game and just wanted to share it here, but also I wanted to say that this is an amazing idea.The game it self could be a little bit more optimized but appart from that it's piece of art, pretty visuals and voice acting.


Beautiful game. Loved playing it. Great voice acting.


Nice lil Xmas game. Really enjoyed it. Keep up the amazing work.

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