Wizard Mealee Update 1.1

Hello everyone! 
Ørjan here! I just want to say that we are truly humbled by the hundreds of people checking out our tiny game. As you might know, the game was made in 3 short days for a game jam. But! I've decided to add some post jam game updates that I hope you will enjoy. Please don't hesitate to reach out and share your experiences with the game. I hope you have as much fun playing it as we had making it. Without further ado.  

Version 1.1: 

  • New color variants for the wizards!
  • New "killfeed" that shows information about the game and players
  • A whole bunch of new particle systems, sound and visual effects
  • Taken steps to make movement feel more fluid
  • Controller support
  • Made adjustments to the Wizard Tower level
  • Various bug fixes and balancing adjustments

**Needs steam to be open to play online! Make sure that you and your steam friends use the same download region to play together**


WizardMealee_1.1.zip 163 MB
Aug 11, 2018



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Looks sweet. Is it meant to be an online multiplayer? There's no other characters in the game or am I doing something wrong? :D

Thanks for checking out our game Dante! The game is indeed online multiplayer. We just set up a fresh new discord if you need someone to play with: https://discord.gg/rpv53P9 :D

Cool! Thanks