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A wonderful, incredibly cute game! It warms your heart like a cup of hot chocolate!

Since others seem to have troubles with the download, I want to mention that the game worked without any problems for me. Just unzipped, started the Winterjam.exe and done.

A small suggestion, though: the music doesn't loop and therefore leaves a little bit of silence at the end of the normal run (not too bad) and quite a lot in a longer practice run. Since the music fits the atmosphere pretty well, I think hearing it on loop would be cool.

But as I said, a very cute and wholesome game!


This game had extremely good music and a wonderful atmosphere!  Absolutely love it!


*NOTE: This is not a mobile game. It is windows only.*


its really annoying because i really want to play this but it is not downloading could you try to fix this problem that many people are having pls because i am really dissapointed that i cant play this amazing brand new game that i saw DanTDM play so pls try ur hardest to fix this please. Thank you


What exactly is wrong with the download? We are trying to help people but nobody is telling us what the issue is. We have updated the game description to help with downloading and running it. Can you share any more information?

i cant play it even that i downloaded it


If you have downloaded it from the website (this page), the file is downloaded is a "zip file",  right click and press extract it, then run (double click) "WinterJam".

You can alternatively download it from the app and run it easily.


I can't download it But i like

i played cause danTDM played

same ;)

How do we get to play the game if we downloaded the file

If you have downloaded it from the website (this page), the file is downloaded is a "zip file",  right click and press extract it, then run (double click) "WinterJam".

You can alternatively download it from the app and run it easily.

This was freaking adorable, its looks so cute and plays really well. I never knew I wanted a marshmallow simulator until I played it! Keep up the great work :D

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Hey, great game my friends and I had alot of fun playing it. I love the style it's extremely cute. The jumping could have been a little better, the animation for the jump showed the character jumping forward (with his back and feet being arched backwards) but to only jump straight up made the jump feel a little off. Something else that could help the jump is a shadow under the character too show where then will land.

I'll be posting a video on my friend playing it on Wednesday, I'll be sure to post it here when it's upload. Thank you for the great game.


My friends and I playing

I only came here cause I saw DanTDM play this! How childish am I?

Same :)



Same :]


This game was adorable! It really made me crave hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream!

Not gonna lie but this is hella cute :3
And yes i said---



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Thank you.

When can you make an apple version?


how do we open the file?


what do i do after opening the file.

i don't know how to do this :(


Im not sure how to download and open the game. Can anyone please tell me how.


Extract the Zip file and double click Winterjam.exe :)

Deleted post

The file that is downloaded is a "zip file", right click and press extract it, then run WinterJam.exe

mm ok but I just can't finned the  thing that says WinterJam.exe

I did everything that you said that I needed to do (aka. unzipping files, opening Winterjam.exe) but I don't know what to do next.

Nothing was added to my computer, and when I tried to open Winterjam.exe again it wouldn't open.


oh yeah, can you also maybe make a video on how to download/work the game?

Deleted post

Man this was adorable! I should have played the practice first but it's pretty simple to get the hang of if you're paying attention. Nice little platformer with a cute design. I was a little annoyed that I couldn't fill the recipe out of order though I suppose that just adds to the challenge.  I managed to end up having my marshmallow enter the void at the end. a small bug you may want to check XD

Your game is the first one I played. I hope you enjoy the other ones too :)

Do you guy's have a discord I can contact you on?


it wont let me download it!!!    >:(


how do you play plz

it sounds like a amazeing game!

can someone please tell me how?

We have replied to your other comment on how to play! :)


i have no idea how to play :I

We have instructions on this page and also in game on the menu screen. Have fun!

WASD: Movement Spacebar: Jump Mouse: Camera E: Action (Pour Water, Pick Up Item, Ring Bell)

Also supports controllers! A for jump, B for action

How To Play Step 1. Pour the right temperature water Step 2. Add the chocolate flavour Step 3. Add the milk Step 4. Add the toppings

Step 5. Ring the bell!

Definitely one of the cutest games i've played so far, really liked the marshmellow design. Mouse/camera sensitivity seemed a bit high for my taste but other than that he game was great. Keep it up!

I watched Kubz Scouts play this and it was so funny when he failed the first time he played that I had to play it myself, this looks like an all around adorable game!

I'm a bit new to downloading games onto my PC and I don't know how to open it. when I double click on it in my files it open up the extractor. Could someone please help me??


Please extract the files, then double click on WinterJam.exe :)


Thank you~


this game is so CUTE!~



its visually appealing

everyone just want to play this because of those CUTE screenshot

the only thing beginner need is "where is those gingerbread and cream" its located way way up the chocolate section where you play this game as platform game

is this game on the app store? Because i'm not good at computer games 0.0


This is super cute and fun! I think it'd be more fun if it had multiplayer!

Ok this is ridiculously cute.

i like this

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This game is really adorable and fun! The aesthetic and the music is really lovely and the gameplay loop is very absorbing. I think this could definitely be made a longer and more complex game. 

I would recommend that the steering wheel be lit up, at least in the beginning, when you have to control the temperature of the water. When I first played I was quite confused because, standing next to the tub, sometimes the instructions would appear and I could press 'E' but sometimes they didn't work. It took me a while to figure out that you had to stand directly next to the steering wheel. I also think there should be a way to change the temperature of the water if you make a mistake since apart from resetting the game you can't do anything about it, and that you should be able to add ingredients out of order. 

I know that the instructions are written on the start screen when the game begins, but I also feel that the bell should be lit up when the player has finished preparing the bath to tell them to ring it. I feel that a lot of players are more likely to jump in and ignore the instructions on the title screen, haha. So maybe a tutorial level would be a good idea, especially if you don't want the game to constantly be lighting up parts like the steering wheel or the bell. Direct the player to set the temperature of the water, highlighting the steering wheel, then tell them to get the chocolate, then the milk, and finally the toppings, before ringing the bell. After that, the actual game can start with the player knowing what to do. 

I would love to see the game fleshed out more and more levels added! Maybe you could add more types of milk, chocolate or toppings. Thanks for reading my long response, and for making this game! 

Thank you so much for your well thought out comment! Your feedback is really appreciated! If we work on another update I'll make sure our programmer takes your notes into consideration ☕ So glad you like our game! Thank you so much for playing it!

Will this game come out to Mac? It looks so cute!

I wish I was a marshmellow, floating in hot chocolate, not a care in the world!

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